Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Shivani and Engineers How shivani spoiled my Career

Are you pursuing engineering and read shivani ,than read this because shivani can spoil your career.A story of an engineer who does not like shivani.

Are you pursuing engineering and read shivani ,than read this because shivani can spoil your career.A story of an engineer who does not like shivani.
Shivani and R.G.P.V Software engineer

What is shivani?

Shivani is a reference book that most of the engineers prefer for their examinations and not only for the examination for the entire engineering course.but they do not know what are they doing with their career if they are using is a story of the most of the engineers who prefered shivani for their engineeering and spoiled their career.

Reality of Indian Software Engineers

As an software engineer i know the reality what the most of the engineer face after their (B.E) Bachelor of enginnering.They remain fully exited that they have become an engineer and do party with alcohol and especially non veg.simply they collect money which is called contry. and the fun starts.Now it's time to face the reality.they apply to various company after seeing the job notifications on you know what happens when they face the interview.

Shivani Destroyed The carrer.

Yes it is true .In R.G.P.V Most of the engineers rely on the shivani which is the ultimate guide to face the examination because it gives you selected questions and students read teh shivani and pass the examination and you know with the help of sessional numbers they get high percantile and think that they won the game.but in reality failure starts from here.

What shivani does not give.

Shivani does not give theoroitcal knowledge .it can just make you good marks in examinations but when you will face the interview you would not be able to give answers of the happened with most of dear enginneers leave the shivani or throw shivani and get some books to get some real knowledge.

So what to do now? shivani or Books !

Do not throw shivani.use shivani as a reference but prefer books ,and give high priority to books only this will lead you to real success.i am not a shivani protestor .i also read shivani and it gace me success too.but the interview problem "you know what i am trying to say" I had to face and i got over with it.if you think you can get over with that use shaivani if not than prefer books in the place of shivani.

If you are a shivani fan give comment.and if you are shivani protestor give both case you have to comment . he he he.

Shivani and Engineers How shivani spoiled my Career
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