Monday, March 11, 2013

How To Raise Organic Traffic Of Your Website

Hi friends welcome to my blog.Today i planned to describe the ways to Raise Organic Traffic of your website.I also follow these tips on my own website and got 100% Result.
I think all of you better knows about the Organic Traffic.If you doesn't know about Organic Traffic then follow the below paragraph first.

Organic Traffic: Organic Traffic is that traffic which comes from the Search Engines and Directories.And this is good for you to submit your blog to Search Engines.

Now i tell you the tips to boost Organic Traffic of your website.

1)Use Keyword Research: Keywords are the most important part of SEO.If we used better quality keywords to our article then the probability of searching your articles on search engine increases.I recommended you to use Google Adword Keyword Tool for better keywords research.
Suppose i want to see the keywords related to organic traffic then i write in Word or phrase column as shown in the screenshot below.

After clicking on the search option it will show the result as below.

In this result you will see the Keyword column where keywords are and in second column competition is there it tells that which keyword is Medium,High,Low in the search engine.And in the third column global monthly search count is there and also local monthly count is there.
So which keyword we used out of this,simple answer is the keyword having more global and local searches.

2)Distribute Keywords: In first step i teach you how to find high quality search keywords.Now how to take more benefits from them.Just go to Dashboard-->Template-->Edit Html in your blog Html part you will see a section as shown in screenshot below.
3)Create XML Sitemap: What is the benefits of creating XML Sitemap. Here is the simple answer XML Sitemap helps search engine to search things easily from your blog.Some bloggers forget to submit your blog/website XML sitemap and this is a big mistake and it effects on their blog traffic.So if you forget to submit XML Sitemap then go to Webmaster Tool.

4)Link Building: Link building is also a great strategy to increase website traffic.Link building also help us to boost traffic from search engine.We can create link by commenting on other blogs and also guest post is also a great way to create backlinks.
Remember one thing to create backlinks to high PR websites.Otherwise it effects on our website alexa rank  and traffic.

5)Interact With Your Users: When someone comments on your blog then it is important for you to reply and help the user in every situation.If you follow this the user surely comes back to your blog and also shares your blog on internet.
Also setup Google Alert which helps you when someone mention your website online.

6)Keyword Density: Keyword density is also effects search engine traffic.Keyword density means by how much time the keyword comes in your article or blog.
More is the keyword density more is probability that your article or blog search in search engine.

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How To Raise Organic Traffic Of Your Website
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