Thursday, July 4, 2013

How to Make Money on the Internet for those who Love Writing and Communicating

Opportunities to earn money from the internet with such expertise include the following:
Make Money on the Internet

You can create and manage blogs with specific topics and make money from ads served on it. For too many people who managed to generate hundreds and even thousands of dollars per month just from blogs alone.

Being a Writer Articles (English Writer)
If your English is good and do not disappoint, then the author of the article into English an opportunity to gain income from the internet. Today many bloggers and website owners need a new and unique articles, or it could be an article review of their advertisers.

Being a Guest Writer (Guest Author)
Blogs or sites that already exist usually require the presence of a contributor or guest author (guest author) on certain topics and highly paid. The average income of a guest author on English-language blogs range from USD $ 5 to USD $ 500 per article. For Indonesian local scale, I personally believe will someday be a lot of blogs or websites that require guest writers.

Being Forum Poster
Many owners need to employ freelance online forum for posting as much as possible (not a spam origin) in their forums so it looks crowded and worth. Well, a forum poster also can give us a decent income online.

Make a videoblog or photoblog
Similar to blogging, but more on creating content that is not written, but only in the form of videos or pictures alone. Abroad, blogs or video-based images also provide enough earned income opportunities online, either through advertising or sales of these blogs.

Translating Documents
Being a translator document (document translater) is also an attractive option for menghasilan money from the internet. Human online translater could have been paid handsomely origin of his work is also of high quality. It's just that not everyone can be a translater, only those who master skurang least two different languages ​​that can do it. Do not you think?

Becoming a Consultant Online
If you have a skill such as a nutritionist or an expert on child growth and development, then you could have worked as a consultant online. Online consultations can be done via chat, websites / blogs, social networking media such as facebook, mailing list (mailing list), personal email or other online media. To make money online consulting services such as this, a consultant may require a membership system, or pay per hour. Abroad, online consultants are very prevalent and they are paid handsomely.

Create an Ebook
You can also create an ebook about the things you are good at and can provide benefits for others. Well, this ebook can then be sold at a certain price and become our source of online income.
How to Make Money on the Internet for those who Love Writing and Communicating
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