Saturday, June 15, 2013

Easy to use Ammyy Admin- Free Remote Desktop Software

Ammyy admin software will help you to access remotely configured server with highly secure and reliable connection so that you can easily work in your office server from home.Ammyy Admin is free and secured remote desktop sharing software with advanced features that connects you to remote desktop computer instantly. Ammyy Admin is not only the solution for desktop sharing but it also allows you to manage network computers and servers remotely without any configuration and firewall blocking hassles.Ammyy Admin doesn't require installation or specific settings adjustments. The remote desktop is available for work within a few seconds after Ammyy Admin has been started.

Ammy Admin V 3.0 Free download

Ammyy admin is a free remote desktop software. It is completely free for home users. The Ammyy admin software ensuring reliable and highly secure connection over internet. You can use it in complicated NAT settings adjustments and Firewall environment also without connection problems.

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Reason For Using Ammyy Admin- Free Remote Desktop Software:

  • I’ve used both used Teamviewer and Show my pc, and some times it just gets stuck if I run some other application in the background. But Ammyy Admin connection speed is highly relible on Internet bandwidth but in case computers are located in one LAN or have external IPs Ammyy automatically establishes direct connection avoiding external public routers what makes performance even faster
  • Ammyy Admin is a reliable and secured solution of desktop sharing that uses the combination of AES and RSA encryption standards to make connection between operator and client PC. It allows connecting remote desktop either by using a password or hardware ID that is the highest extent of security which can’t miss used. Ammyy Admin transmits the data with the encrypted form that can’t be hacked. Unlike other PC remote control software Ammyy Admin lets predefine access permissions for each operator. This means everyone who has access to a certain computer can have different access levels like “full control” or “view only”
  • As we discussed earlier, Ammyy Admin is highly portable app which doesn’t need installation, it is just a 700 KB software that consumes less memory.
  • Ammy admin is free for home users and it is a cost effective solution for business purpose too. It comes up in Starter, Premium and Corporate packages to suite individual needs.You can get the pricing plans from here.
  • This software is available in more than 18 languages which makes is more user friendly.
Ammyy admin software Features

Easy to use Ammyy Admin- Free Remote Desktop Software
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  1. An alternative program that you could look at for remote desktop access is Proxy Pro 8 (

  2. Very good article regarding Ammyy Admin remote support tool. Additionally, one may even try deploying on premise remote support appliances from RHUB for remotely accessing computers from anywhere.

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